Label Design for Casa Barbaro
Bridging Nordic Innovation and Nerdy Charm Through Logo Design and Branding
Illustrative Logo Design for Sustainable Clothing Brand
Vintage Logo Concept for Australian Spa Salon
Beauty Logo Design Concept for Spiritual Healing
Logo Design Concept
Logo Design for Bellamajica
Minimalistic Logo Design for Petite Mila
Goddess Movement Logo Concept Idea
Personal Logo Design
Brand Concept for Koko Donoma
Logo Design for Restaurant

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I'm genuinely passionate about my work and strive for perfection. No job is too small or too big for me. With my exceptional detail-oriented skill, I will hear you out and shape your business visual communication as close to your imagination as possible, which will also help my work stand out in a big way. The power of minimalism inspires me to combine illustrative elements and deliver designs which are out of this world.


Pays: Serbie. Membre depuis: 6 septembre 2012


"Svetlana was wonderful to work with, and I love the design!"
Image de profilJeffFordere évalué il y a 22 jours
"It was a pleasure participating in the contest. Jeff provided constructive and prompt feedback, making the collaboration a breeze. Thanks for the inspiration!"
Image de profilsvart ink répondu il y a 22 jours
"Gutes Design erfordert Fingerspitzen-Gefühl. Svart Ink hat dieses in allen 10 Fingerspitzen."
Image de profilConradin Berlin évalué il y a environ un mois
"Working with Conradin is always a breeze. As a creative director, he excels in attention to detail, storytelling, and providing support. Thank you for yet another beautiful project."
Image de profilsvart ink répondu il y a 22 jours
"If you need a NEW Design this always means that You or your Product enter a NEW Phase. In this critical Moment you need a professional and empathic Designer that holds your Hand and goes this critical Step with you."
Image de profilConradin Berlin évalué il y a 2 mois
"Collaborating with Conradin was like watching a visionary conductor bringing together a symphony of creativity. Conradin's ability to seamlessly merge strategic thinking with aesthetic brilliance is awe-inspiring. The collaborative process was a harmonious dance of ideas, resulting in visuals that not only spoke volumes but also resonated deeply with the brand essence. Gratitude for guiding me; your support felt like a reassuring handhold throughout the entire process."
Image de profilsvart ink répondu il y a 2 mois
"If you have a Design-Topic that requires high Sensitivity it's the Moment to turn to Svart Ink."
Image de profilConradin Berlin évalué il y a 2 mois
"A harmonious collaboration that turned sensitivity into a design virtue. Grateful for your guidance and unwavering support throughout the process. Couldn't have wished for a better creative director by my side. Thank you!"
Image de profilsvart ink répondu il y a 2 mois
"Thanks again - awesome work on this project - a pleasure working with you! "
Client anonyme évalué il y a 4 mois