Mutley Grue
Flight dogs
Bohemian earth nodes
Deep Hills
Spicy Rhino BBQ bar
Kalte Ente Tagesbar
Rory's coffee and tea
Bismarck Aviation
Card Castle
Yellow rose cycling wheels

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Hi, if You need my skills, let's work via 1-to-1 project!
This is my portfolio. Here are some of designs that I won.
As you see, all of them are from around the world (USD, Canada, Geat Britain, etc.)
There are so different designs in style. I'm so proud on some of them like is Acumor (microsoft gold partner), then Genomedia (television in Dubai), Pab Gorkoi (pub in Moscow), Arte Andre Rouach (architectural office on Menheten).
If you have an idea, let's start together to make something good.

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"My new mushroom coffee brand was in great hands with Nikola! "
Image de profilhellochaseduncav évalué il y a 9 jours
"Nikola is incredible. He is very patient, does absolutely incredible work, and his attention to detail is second to none. Beyond happy how our logo and brand guidelines turned out. Will be working with him again in the future. "
Image de profilmhamma019 évalué il y a 24 jours
"Thank you, Matt, I'm very happy because you are satisfied with the design. Good luck."
Image de profilNikola 81 répondu il y a 24 jours
"Nikola is the best. He is an amazing talent and always goes above and beyond. "
Image de profilbwaynek évalué il y a 2 mois
"Nikola is amazing. Incredibly talented. "
Image de profilbwaynek évalué il y a 4 mois
"Amazing as always"
Image de profilbwaynek évalué il y a 5 mois
"Atlways at your service, my friend. Thank you. "
Image de profilNikola 81 répondu il y a 5 mois