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"The experience of working with Nonpareil was excellent. She provided the expertise to guide us through the process and come up with a brand logo that fits our business model perfectly. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with her."
Client anonyme évalué il y a 20 jours
"Couldn’t be happier with our design and artist, wonderful process! "
Image de profilmandykoltiska évalué il y a environ 2 mois
"Nonpareil was wonderful. They/he/she was very patient with all the changes I asked for and had more of an understanding of what we were looking for. Thank you so much for your help. "
Image de profilteriholdeO évalué il y a 2 mois
"Thank you for your kind words! I'm happy to work with you and provide a logo that will be used in your company and contribute to its success."
Image de profilNonpareil" répondu il y a 2 mois
"Super attentive to creative ideas. Spot on attention to detail. Would use again for sure."
Image de profildriftinparro5 évalué il y a 3 mois
"Thank you for your kind word! Excited for your future project."
Image de profilNonpareil" répondu il y a 3 mois
"A pleasure to work with Very responsive to suggestions and requests. We ended up with a delightful result. I hope to work with the designer again!"
Image de profilbillncyn évalué il y a 3 mois